Beauty product supplier fills depleted sanitizer market

KPS Essentials' Hydralux Hydrating Hand Sanitizer is set to hit store shelves as soon as March 20. Courtesy KPS Essentials

Grand Rapids-based KPS Essentials is rolling out Hydralux Hydrating Hand Sanitizer to combat the spread of COVID-19.

The branded organic moisturizing hand sanitizer is set to hit store shelves as soon as March 20.

“As the coronavirus began to sow public worry, we knew we had an obligation to help,” said Natalie Novak-Bauss, certified esthetician and CEO of KPS Essentials, a beauty product supplier. “That’s why we’re always in the lab. We want to change our customers’ lives for the better, and we want to do that while remaining sustainable, clean and truly organic.”

The development of Hydralux is aimed at filling a need in the suddenly depleted sanitizer market.

The sanitizer is not alcohol-based and includes KPS’s proprietary DermaNū Technology, which promises hydration, volume and collagen-building properties.

“We’re not just adding products for the sake of expanding our line,” said Ron Webb, formulation chemist and co-founder of KPS Essentials. “Our focus is on making meaningful strides toward preventing the spread of coronavirus through the use of organic compounds crafted with scientifically sound methodologies.”

Like all KPS Essentials products, the Hydralux Hydrating Hand Sanitizer is not tested on animals. Additionally, the product is branded vegan, gluten-free, food-grade and made in the USA.

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