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Girlpalooza lip gloss tubes

A local entrepreneur has launched a line of “cruelty-free, vegan lip glosses” geared toward young girls.

Becky Vandenbroek, of Ada, this summer launched Girlpalooza, a brand that makes and sells five lip glosses that are “free from parabens and other harmful ingredients.”

The product was inspired by Vandenbroek’s 5-year-old daughter, Lola. One day when Lola asked to try on her mom’s lip gloss, Vandenbroek hesitated.

After doing some research, she was surprised to find that ingredients used in cosmetics are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, and she couldn’t find products that she was confident were both safe and promoted a “girl power message.”

“I was looking for a magical unicorn in the beauty industry that didn’t exist, so I created one,” Vandenbroek said. “I wanted a brand and product that evoked a positive message for young women, while also being cruelty-free and safe for everyone to use.

“I had no idea that cosmetic ingredients were not regulated and that some could even be harmful.”

The resulting lip glosses come in five shades: Big Air Babe (light pink); Flygirl (mauve-pink with sparkles); Lip Slide (neutral true pink); OG (fuchsia-bright pink); and Speed Queen (medium pink).

Each lip gloss is $15 or $65 for a bundle of all five colors.

They are Leaping Bunny-certified cruelty-free and PETA-certified cruelty-free and vegan, according to Vandenbroek.

Girlpalooza products are available for purchase online and soon will be available at select retail boutiques throughout West Michigan, Vandenbroek said.

She added Girlpalooza will donate a portion of its proceeds every year to programs empowering young girls and women.

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