New place for Bad Habit

‘Extreme’ milkshake shop moves to a new location, expands menu
An 'extreme' milkshake shop will open this week in downtown Grand Haven

A one-of-a-kind gourmet milkshake shop has moved and expanded its menu. The “extreme” milkshake bar, Bad Habit, has relocated to 215 Washington Ave. in the former space occupied by Jumpin’ Java. 

Some milkshake varieties available at Bad Habit

“This move is a dream come true for us,” said Bonnie Brown, co-owner of Bad Habit. “We have always imagined Bad Habit being located in downtown Grand Haven and now it’s become a reality. We are most excited about the expanded kitchen space which made it possible to add more items to our menu.” 


The expanded menu will include new desserts, coffee and lunch options while paying tribute to former location occupant, Jumpin’ Java, incorporating some of the longstanding café’s popular coffee drinks into its menu. “Not all of the drinks will remain,” said a spokesperson for the company, who added, “Bad Habit is also continuing Jumpin’ Java’s partnership with Magnum Coffee Roastery.”

A grand opening scheduled for Friday, Feb. 17 will feature drawings for giveaways.  Two lucky winners will walk away with one free shake of their choice per month for a year, or one free coffee drink of their choice each week for a year. 

The grand opening will also showcase the new additions to Bad Habit, including a significantly expanded menu including breakfast items, fresh baked goods, pastries, a new churro sundae, Greek yogurt parfait, baked chocolate oatmeal, crème brûlée, savory lunch and light dinner options like chicken wings, french toast souffles and much more.

The shake shop will offer create-your-own milkshakes with even more toppings made in house. These 16 oz, three-course desserts are loaded with cake, cotton candy, cookies, twinkies and nearly anything else your heart would desire. A new build-your-own menu will be available for customers to craft their own shakes starting at $7 and up, with added toppings and mix-ins. 

The shake shop’s relocation to Washington Ave comes in response to the closing of Jumpin’ Java after twenty years of business. Owner Erin Lyon reached out to the owners of Bad Habit (previously located at 1307 S. Beacon Blvd) with the opportunity to take over the space to continue serving regulars and those visiting downtown Grand Haven. 

“When Erin reached out to us with the opportunity, there was no way we could say no,” said Brown. “To pay tribute to Jumpin’ Java, we will be adding their popular coffee drinks to our own menu. We would be thrilled if Jumpin’ Java’s loyal customers continued to stop by for their familiar favorites or to discover something new.” 

The Bad Habit team has also announced the introduction of bubble waffles. “Prepare your tastebuds,” states a press release indicating that the waffles have never before been available in West Michigan. They’re “a deliciously crispy and popular egg-based waffle from Hong Kong” that can be sweet or savory and filled with a number of optional toppings.

“We have big plans in place following the grand opening,” said John Zervas, co-owner of Bad Habit. “We hope to introduce a fresh, unique dining experience for those visiting downtown Grand Haven with not only our food options, but our fun atmosphere as a whole. If you thought things couldn’t get sweeter, they just did.”

The winter hours are 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday-Friday and 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Summer hours will be extended into the evening.


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