Love’s Ice Cream Expands with New Products

Love's Ice Cream
Love's Ice Cream

Love’s Ice Cream is expanding to include chocolates and candy confections.

The Downtown Market vendor announced this week it will begin offering items like bonbons and caramels, toffees, candy bars and hard candies.

Well-known for its vegan ice cream selection, Love’s will offer vegan confections in many varieties as well.

“We have been studying our customers’ behaviors, and their purchasing habits in our four and a half years in the Downtown Market and there is a distinct sweet tooth in West Michigan,” said Chris McKellar, founder and owner of Love’s.

While many people will be happy to hear they can buy chocolate covered treats and candies alongside their ice cream purchases, McKellar also announced some sad news; he has closed his other two Downtown Market businesses, Rocket Pies and Relish Green Grocer.

Both businesses had their last day of operation on Sunday, April 22.

Construction in the space will begin in early May to convert the area into a dessert emporium, with one long counter for ice cream and candy.

McKellar will still keep the on premise liquor license, offering unique dessert cocktails, boozy ice cream floats and other intriguing experiments down the road.

In preparation for this expansion into becoming a chocolatier, McKellar took classes at Callebaut Chocolate Academy in Chicago, an internationally renowned academy that teaches chocolatiers and pastry chefs the art of creating world-class desserts. This summer, he will attend a two-week intensive confectionary residency course at UW-Madison.

McKellar said there are “infinite possibilities” to explore with chocolate candies, including on-site demonstrations, wholesale, catering and collaborations with the ice cream side of the business.

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