Flights take off on Friday at Downtown Market

Love's Ice Cream, one of many vendors participating in "Flight Fridays" promotion at Downtown Market, offers flights of ice cream. Photo courtesy of Grand Rapids Downtown Market.

Spring break might be over, but the Grand Rapids Downtown Market is ready to take your taste buds an adventure each Friday in April. “Flight Fridays” takes off on April 5 at 11 a.m., with a nine-hour duration (the promotion ends at 8 p.m. when the market closes).

This flavorful journey allows market goers to indulge in a diverse array of food and beverage flights, each offering a taste of something new. From exotic teas and mochi donuts to savory sushi rolls and decadent desserts, there will surely be something to satisfy every palate with an assortment of small bites and sips.

The Market’s vendors are pulling out all the stops to ensure a memorable experience for guests. Aperitivo’s “Wine + Cheese + Chocolate” flight offers an indulgent triple treat of wine, cheese, and chocolates for the ultimate sensory experience. Love’s Ice Cream & Chocolate invites you to choose five scoops from a selection of 16 flavors and embark on a sweet journey with an ice cream flight. Meanwhile, Squibb Coffee Bar’s Spring Drinks Flight promises to quench your thirst with a trio of refreshing beverages, perfect for the season.

Field & Fire’s mini pastry flight, featuring a scrumptious selection of baked goods (like flavored croissants and mini scones) will allow for good breakfast or snack time sampling.

Field & Fire will offer flights of pastries like croissants and scones. Photo courtesy of Grand Rapids Downtown Market.

Spice Merchants invites Market visitors to explore the world of green tea with its “Go Green!” Green tea flight, offering a delightful assortment of loose-leaf varieties. And for those seeking a customizable refreshment, Rák Thai offers the Rakfresher Lemonade Boba, allowing you to create your own flight of refreshing beverages.

To satisfy your sweet tooth, Gaby’s Gourmandise presents the madeleine flight, featuring delicate flavors like classic, raspberry-chocolate-dipped, and blueberry madeleines. And for lovers of sushi, Sushi Market has you covered with a sushi roll combo.

Flight Fridays continues throughout the month of April, making its its final “landing” on April 26.

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