Fibonacci sequence inspires new beer

3 Hour Stout is a 10.5% ABV imperial stout with notes of caramel and coffee. Courtesy City Built Brewing Company

A downtown brewery is about to release a stout of cosmic proportions.

City Built Brewing Company is tapping 3 Hour Stout, the first in a new lineup, dubbed The Fibonacci Sequence.

3 Hour Stout is a 10.5% ABV imperial stout with notes of caramel and coffee and will be available on draft and in four-pack cans starting Feb. 22.

“The number three is often associated with completion or perfection,” said Ed Collazo, CEO of City Built Brewing Company. “When we see the number three, it is a reminder from the universe of our creative potential and our innately divine nature.”

The Fibonacci sequence is named after a simple mathematical equation: a series of numbers where the next number is found by adding the two numbers before it. Visually, the sequence creates a spiral commonly found in nature, from sunflowers, to seashells, to the arms of the Milky Way galaxy.

Kyle DeGroff, a Grand Rapids-based artist and muralist who helped inspire the concept for the series also is responsible for the can art.

As the series progresses, so does the ABV. City Built also plans to release 5 Hour Stout with coconut and vanilla at 13.5% and the 21 Hour Stout at 19%. Though unannounced, Collazo hinted at barrel-aged versions of these beers down the line, as well.

3 Hour Stout’s Feb. 22 release date coincides with City Built’s Base Camp Beer & Breakfast Buffet from 9-11 a.m. Each ticket covers the event, first drink, a Teku logo glass, the buffet and first access to purchase cans.

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