Eastown institution

Pizza night with a slice of history
Photo by Stacy Feyer-Salo

In West Michigan, it can seem like there is a pizza place on almost every corner.

There are excellent pizza places across town, both old and new. Then there’s an Eastown institution that has cranked out pizza for friends and neighbors since the 1970s.

Heading east down Wealthy Street or Lake Drive, a driver is sure to see the old-style Gino’s Pizza ad painted on the side of the pizzeria’s building, complete with a green soda bottle and a prideful, “Open Late!”

The interior screams old-school pizza place, with a few green booths and a counter to place the order.

The pizza is the type one would expect if they were dropped into a classic TV show ordering a quick takeout dinner. Think: A caricature of a pizza one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles might enjoy.

With fairly affordable prices, compared to other local pizza joints, the pies are piled high in toppings. The pizza makers on the line are not light-handed in their style.

Additionally, the appetizers are quite affordable, with breadsticks and sauce clocking in at $6 and jalapeno poppers and chicken wings going for $7 and $8, respectively.

A decent selection of submarine sandwiches also weigh in below $10, including meatball, pizza, and steak and cheese.

Satisfying food and affordable prices are a great win if you’re in the Eastown area and looking for a quick dinner. Gino’s Pizza, 1556 Wealthy St. SE, offers delivery, takeout and eat-in.

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