New Holland taps new brews for success

Two new varieties of Dragon’s Milk are currently on tap at New Holland’s area brew pubs
Photo courtesy of New Holland Brewing

New Holland Brewery has announced that its flagship brand Dragon’s Milk Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout now comes in two new flavors.

New Holland’s The Knickerbocker. Photo by Hannah Rushton

“We’re excited to bring forth two new legends into the family: Tales of Gold and Crimson Keep. Tales of Gold is a Bourbon Barrel-Aged Golden Ale with Milk Sugar, providing notes of honey, toasted oak, and vanilla,” said New Holland helmer Brett VanderKamp. “Crimson Keep is a Bourbon Barrel-Aged Red Ale, with a great malty backbone and flavors of toffee, caramel, and stone fruit. Both beers clock in at 11% ABV, providing for a consistent experience across new flavor profiles within the Dragon’s Milk family.”

New Holland’s brew pubs released them on draft earlier this week and bottles of the new brews will be available starting in March in 12oz 4-packs.

The two new varieties of Dragon’s Milk will be released in new packaging with a brand-new look, said VanderKamp.

Crimson Keep and Tales of Gold, courtesy of New Holland Brewing


“We’ve elevated the packaging to new heights (literally, it’s taller) to help communicate the most important attributes about our brand: a dragon-born spirit (look out for ferocious new look of our iconic dragon), bourbon barrel-aging expertise, and a healthy 11% ABV,” he said.

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