Couple Plans Lakeshore Brewery

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A husband-and-wife team is planning to open a brewery at the lakeshore.

Tyler and Karen Forbes’ liquor license application to open Burzurk Brewing Company in Grand Haven, at 1442 Washington Ave., has been unanimously approved by the Grand Haven City Council.

Having been homebrewing for the past couple years and being well-received by the community, Tyler Forbes said he and his wife are ready to take their brewing venture to the next level by opening a brewery.

“We’ve been really supported by the community and the craft brewing scene here,” Tyler Forbes said. “The people are incredible in this field.

“They are so sharing and giving and helpful. I’ve never seen anything like it in a business world — where they’re not competitive at all and willing to support each other.”

They hope to open in October, pending approval from the state Liquor Control Commission.

Forbes said he and his wife have received support from Grand Armory, Pigeon Hill and some other breweries in the area.

The couple plans to serve ales, as well as hard cider and wine. Availability will be limited to the taproom, but Forbes said he hopes for limited local distribution in the future.

Burzurk will also partner with local food companies to supply on-site food.

“My wife is an incredible cook though, and I hope down the road we can introduce some of our own cuisine,” he said.

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