Distillery Offers Gin & Tonic in Cans

Coppercraft gin & tonic beverages.
Coppercraft Distillery announced it will produce and donate approximately 10,000 gallons of alcohol-based hand sanitizer to area hospitals and health care providers, including Holland Hospital. Courtesy Coppercraft Distillery

This summer when you head out the door with a cooler filled with beer, don’t forget to throw in a few gin and tonics.

Coppercraft Distillery in Holland canned its first ready-to-drink cocktail recently. The distillery will begin selling its canned gin and tonic beverages this month at local stores.

The move is the first for a Michigan distillery. The company said canned cocktails are a “fast-emerging trend” in the beverage industry and something customers want.

Brandon Joldersma, general manager of Coppercraft, said customers can expect the “same level of quality” from the canned beverages as from a freshly prepared gin and tonic cocktail.

The gin and tonic, at 10 percent ABV, will be packaged in a four-pack of 12-ounce cans. Coppercraft Gin is comprised of 13 botanicals, foraged and found, its hints of juniper are balanced with coriander, orange, cinnamon and lemon.

Coppercraft plans to follow its gin and tonic launch with additional varieties of canned cocktails later in 2018.

*Photo by Ward McGinnis

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