Aperitivo to go?

Wine while you wait!
Aperitivo's sandwich, glass of wine and olives. Photo by Amanda Kamppinen.

The pandemic turned out to be the proverbial blessing in disguise for some. Not that Aperitivo was struggling beforehand, by any means, but in that some restaurants were just in a better position to capitalize on the idea of takeout food, which became a make or break necessity during that time.

Aperitivo Charcuterie Board. Photo by Amanda Kamppinen

For some purveyors of fine wine and food the restrictions on indoor seating were the straw that broke the camel’s back, but for a business that serves as both a retail store for fine wine and charcuterie ingredients as well as one that makes easily boxable food, like sandwiches and appetizers, Aperitivo stood a pretty good chance of weathering the storm. Some restaurants had to rethink their whole layout and process, while others made the switch almost entirely effortlessly. Aperitivo being one of them.

Owner Amy Ruis who is also owner of a specialty gourmet shop that also sells tchotchkes for entertaining called Art of the Table, found herself  in a unique position to expand Aperitivo to the folks who needed fine food and beverage items to go. She describes herself as a mother of two. The two being Art of the Table and Aperitivo.

Located inside the Grand Rapids Downtown Market, 35 Ionia Ave SW, which has a dedicated parking lot, finding a spot for the car is never a problem for those on the go, whether it’s stopping by on the way to a dinner, a potluck luncheon or any other occasion that requires a “brought” food item, it’s a convenient locale. Even if it’s a little out of the way, it saves so much time to have someone else make that one-of-a-kind cheese tray. Besides, where else are you going to get those fancy olives, or the bottle of hard-to-find imported wine?

And for those not on the go, the space is ample and airy and the open floor plan and finger food cuisine is perfect for parties of one or two or twenty or more. The bar is modern and the small kitchen makes delicious made-to-order charcuterie boards, sandwiches, and other hot and cold appetizers on the spot. Named for the Italian word for “pre-dinner drink,” it’s also a perfect meeting spot after work for “just one glass” while you order food to take home.

It’s hard to pinpoint a favorite at Aperitivo, as the menu is always changing. There were some delicious bacon wrapped figs (or was it fig-wrapped bacon?) on the menu last Christmas. As the literature states they serve “a little of this, a little of that and an interesting beer or glass of wine to compliment your choices.”

Whatever it is, you can rest assured that, whether it’s made with prosciutto, pepperoni or peppadew, it will be of the finest available variety around.



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