UICA offers virtual movie screening

Courtesy UICA

A local art institution is trying to bring people together while they are apart.

Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, in partnership with Good Deed Entertainment, launched the film “Extra Ordinary” on Friday through an online virtual screening room called Kino Marquee.

“Extra Ordinary” can be watched on a computer, as well as Google Chromecast, Smart TV through a cell phone or streamed through Apple TV or the Roku app. The cost is $12, which supports UICA.

UICA also is suggesting a stay at home activity that is inspired by artist Helina Metaferia’s “A Beautiful Struggle” collaged headdresses that was created using different symbols and images. You can create your collaged headdress using items at home.

Tips from UICA:

  •   Anything can be added to a collage. There are no strict rules here: Create your own imagery, incorporate different textures or venture outside for natural additions to your piece.
  •   You don’t have to be exact when cutting out images. Leaving a border could be stylistic.
  •   Repetition in images, text, color or sizing can help provide unity despite working in mixed media.


1. Start with a base of a side profile. This could be a cut-out picture or a drawing of yourself, a friend or family member.

2. Next, cut out elements you would like to use from newspapers, magazines, advertisements or whatever you might have available. If a computer and printer are accessible to you, these images can come from online, as well.

3. Using elements you have cut out, arrange them on a clean flat surface with your base to create a headdress. Once you find a placement to your liking, begin pasting the elements to each other, as well as the base.

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