New Netflix documentary features WMU Cooley Law School

WMU Cooley
Kenneth Wyniemko, left, was wrongfully accused of criminal sexual conduct, breaking and entering, and armed robbery. Marla Mitchell-Cichon is director of WMU Cooley’s Innocence Project. Courtesy WMU Cooley Law School

The work of Western Michigan University Cooley Law School can be seen on a popular streaming service.

One of WMU Cooley’s Innocence Project cases will be featured in a Netflix series, “The Innocence Files.” The nine-episode documentary series was released Wednesday, and it highlights the exoneration of Kenneth Wyniemko.

Wyniemko was convicted for a 1994 criminal sexual conduct, breaking and entering, and armed robbery in Clinton Township.

In 2003, WMU Cooley Innocence Project obtained post-conviction DNA testing. With assistance from attorney Gail Pamukov, Wyniemko’s conviction was overturned and all charges were dismissed by Macomb County prosecutors on June 17, 2013.

Five years later, the actual perpetrator was identified through the DNA data bank.

“Learning more about the story behind Ken’s wrongful conviction will be shocking,” said Marla Mitchell-Cichon, director of WMU Cooley’s Innocence Project.

Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld, co-founders of the Innocence Project Network, are consulting executives and have worked with agents, lawyers, Netflix and the directors for more than three years to produce the series.

The “Innocence Files” is executive produced and directed by Academy Award nominee Liz Garbus, Academy Award winner Alex Gibney, Academy Award winner Roger Ross Williams, with episodes also directed by Academy Award nominee Jed Rothstein, Emmy Award winner Andy Grieve and Sarah Dowland.

WMU Cooley’s Innocence Project is part of the Innocence Network, which has been credited with the release of over 350 wrongfully accused prisoners through the use of DNA testing. It is responsible for the exoneration of four individuals.

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