LowellArts to launch music series

Ryne Clarke of The Ryne Experience will be the first artist featured on LowellArts' new music series. Courtesy Ryne Clarke

LowellArts will be launching a new music program, Featured Artist Series: Connecting You with the People Behind the Music, on Monday.

The series will feature an artist once a month in a live-recorded video interview. Artist profiles and links to past performances will be available on the LowellArts website.

During interviews, artists will be asked questions that surround various topics such as: how the break from performing due to the pandemic has affected them; how music has changed since they first started performing or recording; and/or how they feel the relationship between artist and listener is evolving in the age of digital streaming services.

The interviewer also will invite the artist to perform a song, live for the video interview.

Artists who participate in the program will be eligible to sell CDs, albums and digital downloads in the LowellArts gallery as part of a soon-to-be established Gallery Music Store and online store.

Each artist has either performed at LowellArts events such as LowellArts Gallery Concert, a Lowell Showboat Sizzlin’ Summer Concert or at the LowellArts Fallasburg Arts Festival.

The first artist who will be participating is Ryne Clarke of The Ryne Experience, who just released a new album, “The Onion Tree.”

The program was created to support the local music community during the pandemic and connect artists with audiences.

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