John Ball Zoo postpones opening day

Courtesy John Ball Zoo

John Ball Zoo will remain closed amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

In following the government guidelines, the zoo will not open April 3, as originally scheduled, and will remain closed until further notice.

“While much is still unknown about the impact COVID-19 could have on different species of animals, the collective knowledge at this time suggests that the risk is very low,” said Dr. Ryan Colburn the zoo’s veterinarian. “Despite this, we do know that human beings and primates can often share viruses and other diseases. With this in mind, the team is taking additional precautions to extend our social distancing behaviors to our interactions with the primates at the zoo.

“The animal care and veterinary teams, along with help from the rest of the zoo team, will continue to work together to make sure that all of our animals are healthy and thriving.”

The zoo, which has more than 2,000 animals, will instead launch a series of videos and photographs of the animals who live at the John Ball Zoo across their various social media channels.

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