GRAM is exhibiting ‘The Shape of Things’

Billy Mayer The Shape of Things exhibit partial GRAM
Courtesy GRAM

The artwork of the late Billy Mayer is coming alive.

The next installment of the Grand Rapids Art Museum’s Michigan Artist Series is “Billy Mayer: The Shape of Things.”

The exhibition features work by “one of West Michigan’s most acclaimed sculptors.”

It runs through Feb. 2.

“Billy Mayer’s artwork reflects just how intensely engaged he was with the world around him,” GRAM Chief Curator Ron Platt said.

“Because of his great facility with materials, he was able to translate his inner vision into complex, delightful and engaging works of art.”

“The Shape of Things” features three primary bodies of work: brightly colored aluminum sculptures of figures and objects; realistic trompe l’oeil replications of everyday objects in “unusual display”; and Mayer’s “most ambitious and important” work, “Here.”

“Here” is a shelf-mounted installation of over 400 individual ceramic skulls, each topped with an everyday image or object, such as a guitar, a hammer and the McDonald’s arches.

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