A movie and some merch

Barbie truck scheduled to roll into Grand Rapids this weekend
The Barbie Dreamhouse Living Pop-Up Truck will be parked near the Cheesecake Factory and the Phoenix Theater on Saturday, Aug. 5. Courtesy photo.

As Greta Gerwig’s Barbie moves into its third weekend, having scored an estimated $93 million in sales at the Box office last weekend, Grand Rapids fans will be treated to a new way to celebrate the Princess of Pink.

A Barbie Truck Tour is making a stop in Grand Rapids, with exclusive merchandise in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Barbie moving into her very first Dreamhouse.

Like it or hate it, one can’t argue that the film is a bona-fide hit, with the its “88% fresh” Rotten Tomatoes rating and the oodles of people pouring into theaters to enjoy it.

I was feeling mediocre on the idea of going to see the movie myself, having thought the perfectly-proportioned doll was an enemy of feminism since childhood. But a friend explained that the concept of Barbie is empowering in that it helps little girls dream big.  Another friend’s elementary school aged daughter saw it and said, “It was about how girls should be able to do anything that boys can do.” Plus, I was given a free extra ticket.


Having seen three of the big summer films so far this year, I can attest that it is the most entertaining and fun so far, and not nearly as glib as I expected. In fact, my big criticism of it was that it was downright heavy, especially near the end. But, as a fan of Margot Robbie, who I only knew from her roll in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, I thought it would be worth the watch. An actress of her calibre was bound to have been offered nearly every lead role in the four years since, so why would she choose a turkey?

So, if you decide to battle the crowds and escape the hot summer sun (or the rain that’s forecast for the weekend) and take the proverbial plunge into Barbie land, I just thought you should be aware, there’s a way for the Barbie-obsessed to make even more of a day of it:

A truck selling Barbie merchandise is coming to Kentwood Aug. 5. Courtesy photo.</strong.

The Barbie Truck Dreamhouse Living Tour kicked off at the 2023 National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention earlier this summer. On Saturday, August 5, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. The Barbie truck will be selling merchandise of all types. Pieces range in price from $12 to $75. Look for it parked outside 3195 28th St. SE in Kentwood. Merchandise will be available to purchase from the Barbie Truck by credit card.

For more information, visit barbie.com/BarbieTruck.

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