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“Who will be Grand Rapids Magazine’s bracket champion?”

Whether you’re a lifelong Grand Rapids resident or a recent transplant, chances are you’re familiar with the city’s lively coffee culture. Dozens of coffee shops call GR home and attract customers of all types, and with such variety comes friendly competition.

That’s where Grand Rapids Magazine’s / Grand Rapids Business Journal’s 2022 Coffee Fix Picks comes in. This tournament gives you, the reader, the chance to vote for your favorite GR coffee shops⁠—because, let’s face it, we all have favorites. From networking hangouts to study spots, awesome americanos to magnificent macchiatos, tell us where you get your coffee fix and help us pick the best GR coffee shop.



Round 1: Sept 6 – Sept 12

Round 2: Sept 12 – Sept 17

Round 3: Sept 17 – Sept 22

Round 4: Sept 22 – Sept 26

Round 5: Sept 26 – Sept 30


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