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On the frontlines

VetGR helps veterans and first responders find significance and purpose.

10 Boutiques That Opened in 2018

It seemed like every month saw a new boutique opening in Grand Rapids. GR|MAG did our best to cover all the new openings. Below you’ll find a list of 10 boutiques and retail shops focused on clothing, home goods and beauty products that opened during the past year.

Meijer temporarily adjusts store hours

Meijer Inc. is adjusting its store hours for the foreseeable future to allow more time for team members to deep clean and restock its stores.
Little Dreamers soccer themed party.

Little Dreamers Sleepovers is a Real Snoozefest

Mr. Sandman might be out of a job. The legendary figure who’s been putting people to sleep and bringing good dreams has some competition in town with a woman who’s got her own bag of tricks for overnight fun and rest, and she’s a hit with the kids.
Grand Rapids Parks & Recreation Department

10 Parks to Explore This Spring

Spring has finally arrived! To commemorate the start of the season, turn off your electronics and head outside to the great outdoors. Parks are a free and fun option for anyone wanting to take advantage of the beautiful, warm weather.
Photo courtesy of Experience Grand Rapids.

Visitor’s Guide Shows Off Downtown Grand Rapids

If you have friends coming for a visit or colleagues from out of state in town for the week, there’s a visitor’s guide available to help them see all that Grand Rapids has to offer.
Club Champion putters

Golf club shop opens

A custom golf club fitter now is open in Grand Rapids.

Most popular baby names of 2020

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, birthrates are expected to remain consistent in 2020, and thankfully, Rona is not yet a popular baby name.
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Giving with gratitude: Teaching your kids to give

When working with families, parents regularly ask me how they can teach their children to willfully get rid of stuff. This is typically followed by guilty admissions of purging toys on the sly. Out of sight, out of mind – right? Don’t worry, no judgment– we’ve ALL been there!
Grand Rapids City Commissioners will vote on the Bike Action Plan in September.

Grand Rapids Leaders Consider Plan to Make City More Bike-able

Safety is a key concern for Grand Rapids residents who are interested in trading in their car – at least some of the time – for a bicycle.
Rainbow Road street mural Grand Rapids Pride Month

Artist Reveals ‘Rainbow Road’ Street Mural Downtown

A rainbow of colors now covers a street in downtown Grand Rapids.
Philomena Mantella

Q&A: Philomena Mantella

Grand Valley State University is gaining a fresh perspective with new President Philomena V. Mantella.
Peter Secchia statue reveal Millennium Park Secchia with cane wide

Park Unveils Statue of Philanthropist

The DeVos family and Kent County have unveiled a statue honoring the local philanthropist who was a driving force behind creating West Michigan’s largest urban park.

A promising future

A juice bar, popcorn shop, cocktail lounge, jazz club and tailor are joining downtown; did we mention they are all Black-owned businesses?

The Counting House Charms with Modern Take on the General Dry Goods Store

If you want a true sense of modern-day general store magic, The Counting House welcomes you.
Elevated Grand Rapids partial interior

Elevated Grand Rapids is about real goods

There's a new shop in town with dozens of local vendors selling their wares.
Photo by Johnny Quirin.

Finding Friends

“We’ve been here six and a half years. It’s time to put an expiration date on it and move on,” said Kim Carignan, 54, a resident of Grand Rapids’ northeast side. Carignan, who has lived in Detroit, Chicago, New York and Naples, Florida, said she and her husband haven’t been able to make the friendships they’d hoped for in West Michigan, something she said was easier in the other places she’s lived.
Roselle Park in Ada.

5 Prime Picnic Spots in Grand Rapids

If you haven’t had a picnic yet this summer, you’re doing summer wrong! We’ll give you a hand and show you the best picnic locations in and around Grand Rapids to make sure you’re taking advantage of summer and this timeless tradition.

Six Grand Rapids Summer Camps To Keep Your Kids Busy

It’s summer, which means finding ways to get the kids out of the house before they drive you crazy (is it September yet?!) A productive way to keep them busy and engaged during their summer vacation is camp.
Grand Rapids Toy Show

The Grand Rapids Toy Show Will Take You Back

A special event is happening this weekend for your inner child.




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