Sandal repair factory turns to making protective masks

A footwear brand is repurposing its local sandal repair factory to produce face masks and other protective equipment during the new coronavirus pandemic.

Meijer temporarily adjusts store hours

Meijer Inc. is adjusting its store hours for the foreseeable future to allow more time for team members to deep clean and restock its stores.
Grand Rapids City Commissioners will vote on the Bike Action Plan in September.

Grand Rapids Leaders Consider Plan to Make City More Bike-able

Safety is a key concern for Grand Rapids residents who are interested in trading in their car – at least some of the time – for a bicycle.

Homeless for the Holidays: A Picture of Homelessness in Grand Rapids

Selina Parks remembers her first steps into a Grand Rapids homeless shelter in vivid detail.
War Chest lotion line

Retail Store & Café Fights Human Trafficking

Women At Risk International, otherwise known as WAR International, is an organization that recovers victims of human trafficking and employs them.

Cities prepare to corner marijuana market

While some municipalities have opted out, others are ready for the promised gold rush.
Arbor Circle launching Host Home Program to help homeless teens find stability.

Arbor Circle Tackles Youth Homelessness with Host Home Program

“Housing is a basic right that everyone deserves,” Andrea Martin, housing coordinator at Arbor Circle, said. Yet, according to Arbor Circle’s website, there are over 3,300 youths who experience homelessness every day in West Michigan. “We want to get the word out so people understand that youth homelessness does exist in their communities even if they don’t always see it,” Martin said.

Local organizations seek donations, volunteers for holidays

Heart of West Michigan United Way partnered with local agencies to assemble the annual holiday volunteering and giving guide, aiding families in need for the holiday season. 

A better food system

Partners collaborate to improve awareness.

Michigan Prepares to Vote on Recreational Marijuana Next Month

It’s not hard to find Tami VandenBerg’s house. Set in a cozy part of Eastown, her front yard is the only one on her street littered with yard signs. “Black Lives Matter,” and “Science is Real,” reads one; another backs a Democrat for state attorney general.
Nonprofit Be a Rose focuses on access to women's healthcare and feminine hygiene products.

Be a Rose Tackles ‘Period Poverty’ & Women’s Health Care

Having your period sucks. Period. Running to Walgreens once a month to get tampons or pads for Aunt Flo is annoying enough, but for many, it’s also a financial burden. Local 501(c)(3) nonprofit Be a Rose aims to help women break barriers, not the bank, when it comes to accessing feminine hygiene products.

Providing peace for pigs — and chickens

The Gadziemskis have turned their passion into a sanctuary.

Neurocore offers free counseling to medical personnel, first responders

A Grand Rapids-based mental health center is offering free remote counseling to medical professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Founders, Long Road team up to create hand sanitizer

Grand Rapids craft beverage makers are pooling their resources to supply hand sanitizer to the community.

Gov. Whitmer orders noncritical businesses to close

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed a shelter-in-place order that will require all noncritical Michigan businesses and operations to temporarily close.
HQ offers drop in hours for homeless youth. Giving them a safe space to go during the day.

HQ Celebrates 4 Years of Helping Homeless Youth Thrive

Evidence of homelessness is on view daily here in Grand Rapids—along Division Avenue in particular, where many shelters and services are located—but there is a group of homeless individuals who you aren’t likely to see on your commutes around town.

Striving for inclusion

Heartside is lagging behind as downtown booms.

Where are the Black people?

Group works to elevate the history of Black residents and clear path for future prosperity.

Turning the lens on homelessness

Dean Cain’s latest project was filmed in Grand Rapids.

Gov. Whitmer issues executive order on child care services

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer recently issued an executive order to expand child care services amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.