Brunch is a Drag with Grand Rapids’ Favorite Queens

While brunch definitely isn’t a drag – it’s the reason we get out of bed on Saturday and Sunday morning, honestly – Drag Brunch Grand Rapids debuts this weekend and promises some terrific drag performances.

Rooftop vibes

Hidden at the top of the Canopy Hilton Grand Rapids, there sits a snazzy spot to spend an evening.
Corridor Coffee

Couple Opens Corridor Coffee

Grand Rapids West Siders are a devoted bunch, with a desire to see their neighborhood grow but also to remain true to its hard-working, hardscrabble roots.
Robinette's Apple Haus & Winery

Beer & Donuts Make a Great Pair

GR|MAG can’t think of a better pairing than beer and donuts and thankfully, neither can the Grand Rapids Public Museum.
Rise Authentic Baking Co.

Rise Bakery Teams Up with Coffee Shop on a Brick & Mortar Space

Exciting news for coffee and baked-good lovers, two adored local businesses are partnering on a new project. Squibb Coffee and Rise Authentic Baking Co. are collaborating to open a new space this winter.
Russo's International Market opens downtown location

Specialty Market Moves Into Downtown

A specialty market with a long reputation in the community has opened its doors downtown.
Photo courtesy of Thinkstock Photos

Pack the Perfect Picnic: Local Vendors with Everything You Need

Picnics have always been a crowd pleaser for adults and children alike, and Michigan summers are too great to be spent laboring in the kitchen. So take it easy, get outside, and let these local vendors help you make the most of your experience.

Valentine’s Day restaurants

Celebrate love at these establishments.

Editor’s pick

Mosby’s offers over 60 flavor options ranging from white cheddar and macaroni and cheese to peppermint bark and toffee almond.
Carver's cheese burger.

Downtown Market Hosts Finger Food Friday

With so many options at the Downtown Market, it’s hard to decide what vendors to try.

20 Happy Hours in GR By Neighborhood

From the North Quarter to Heartside, we scoured Grand Rapids’ 10 neighborhoods for the best happy hours around. Regardless of where you work or live, there’s always somewhere to score cheap drinks and tasty bites.
Marie Catrib's

Stop in for Dinner at Marie Catrib’s

When Marie Catrib’s announced changes to its winter hours of operation last fall – closing at 4 p.m. instead of 8 p.m. - the response was mixed, with some patrons disappointed they’d no longer be able to stop in for dinner and others congratulating the restaurant on the decision.
Burly Bison Bakery's Reese's Cake

Burly Bison Bakery Boasts Allergy-Friendly Desserts

The up and coming Burly Bison Bakery is whipping up treats just like Grandma used to make . . . if food allergies were a thing back in her day.

Cultivating Community with a Cup of Coffee

Back in 2012, Matthew Fuller knew three things: he wanted to spend more time with his family, had a deep love for coffee and always dreamed of owning his own business. Two weeks before his first child was born, Fuller opened a coffee cart in the Waters Building and named it Grace Coffee.
Social Kitchen & Bar salad and cocktail

Hand-pick Specials at Very Veggie Saturday

The Grand Rapids Downtown Market wants you to eat your greens this Saturday.
Grand Rapids Downtown Market offers cooking classes of all types.

6 Holiday Gifts That Your Sweet Tooth Will Crave

Still searching for a present that will satisfy your sweet-toothed loved one? To help make the process easier, GR|MAG has collected six unique holiday gift ideas from local businesses around Grand Rapids.

Tune into Turnstiles

This new West Side attraction focuses on food and music.
Bloop Frozen Yogurt Photo by Mike Buck

Grand Rapids’ Top 5 Froyo Shops

What better way to cool off on a hot summer day than with a bite — or bowl — of frozen yogurt?
Long Road brunch

Long Road Offers Up Enhanced Brunch Menu

Long Road Distillers is giving you another reason to get out of bed on Sunday morning. After expanding its kitchen in May, Long Road has updated its brunch menu to include several more items.
Chilly, Blues & Brews The B.O.B

The B.O.B. is Prepping for Chilly, Blues & Brews

Culinary amateurs and seasoned pros alike will face off in a city-wide chili championship for charity this weekend.