red chili peppers

You Can Handle Spicy Saturday

The Grand Rapids Downtown Market is featuring a long menu of spicy specials all day long on Saturday.

Creston Brewery diversifies

Taproom offers coffee during morning and daytime hours.
Bowl of pho from Pho 616

Vietnamese Restaurant Joining Downtown Market

Fans of pho can rejoice; a new Vietnamese restaurant planning to open later this summer will serve up heaping bowls of the delicious soup as well as a handful of other Vietnamese favorites.

Taking it Slow, The Sovengard Receives Snail Blazer Award

In an age of fast food, microwavable meals and delivery services, The Sovengard is bringing “slow food” back to Grand Rapids. Originating in Europe, slow food is a movement encouraging individuals and businesses to purchase from local farmers and cook meals in their own kitchens.
Rise Authentic Baking Co. and Squibb coffee

Bakery and Coffee Shop Join Forces on the West Side

A new bakery and coffee shop is open on the city’s West Side.

Perfect patios

Soak up the summer sun.

Editor’s pick

One of my favorite desserts in town is the tiramisu at Osteria Rossa.