Summer salad for lunch

As the weather warms, sometimes a quick, light lunch is all that’s needed.
MOD Pizza

Pizzeria opening on 28th Street

A restaurant company is opening its third fast-casual pizza franchise in West Michigan.

Roasted salad

Bring this to your next dinner party.

Crème brûlée

This dessert is easier to make than it looks.

Dinner party

Pistachio-crusted salmon with arugula citrus salad is “a relatively simple recipe that should impress your guests.”

Mild giardiniera

Elevate your condiments with this recipe.

Second winter

Iced coffee is perfect for spring.

Roast chicken

Cuddle up with this fall recipe.
IDC Soul Song cocktail

Soul song

This month, try the Soul Song cocktail from IDC at the Amway Grand Plaza.

Herbed chèvre cheese ball recipe

Kathy Price developed her love of cooking as a kid watching her grandmothers in the kitchen.

Shrimp scampi

A light yet filling dish for summer.

Summer song punch

Try this cocktail on a warm summer afternoon.

Chicken chili on the stove

Winter is a great time to spice up dinner, or a weekend lunch, with some chili.

Swahili-infused al pastor

Street Chef Shaw feeds the community.

Say ‘cheese’ to pumpkin

Pumpkin pie is a staple on most tables during the holiday season.

Perfect slice

Pumpkin pie is traditionally thought of as a Thanksgiving staple, but December still is a great time to indulge in this classic comfort food — in fact, Dec. 25 is National Pumpkin Pie Day.

A ‘Luxe’ cocktail

Kimberly Slaikeu infuses her preserves with herbs and alcohol to create unique flavor profiles.

Tabbouleh salad recipe

This colorful side will brighten your fall table.

Udon noodle salad recipe

This dish is perfect for dinner and tomorrow’s lunch.

Kale and walnut pesto recipe

This pesto packs a nutrient punch.