ArtPrize artist registration is live! 

2024 festival offers $200,000 In grant opportunities
The Juried winner from 2024 ArtPrize: Chrisopher Blay's SpLaVCe Ship, 3D, in front of Alexander Calder's, La Grande Vitesse, Painted Steel, at Calder Plaza. Photo courtesy of ArtPrize.

Registration is now open for artists who would like to participate in ArtPrize 2024. As ArtPrize continues to champion artistic excellence and innovation, it invites artists worldwide to register for this grand celebration of art and community through May 31.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Grand Rapids, Michigan,ArtPrize offers a unique platform to exhibit their work to a diverse and international audience. The annual event not only fosters a deep sense of community and global connectivity but also serves as a beacon for artistic discovery and dialogue.

Beyond opening its doors to a broad spectrum of artistic talent, ArtPrize is committed to supporting artists’ ambitions through a robust series of grants. These grants are carefully designed to provide artists with essential resources for presenting ambitious projects and captivating exhibitions, with a focus on promoting artistic innovation, enhancing community engagement, and transforming downtown Grand Rapids into a series of impactful, must-see art destinations.

ArtPrize has a storied history of celebrating and rewarding artistic excellence, with past winners taking home significant prize money that highlights the event’s commitment to supporting the arts. Over the years, ArtPrize has awarded millions of dollars in prize money, with notable past winners gaining international recognition, furthering their artistic careers, and contributing to the vibrant tapestry of global art culture. The competition’s prize money, combined with its global platform, makes ArtPrize a coveted event for artists aiming to make a mark on the international stage.

In 2024, ArtPrize is enhancing its support system with tailored grants to empower artists in realizing their most ambitious projects.

These grants include $60,000 allocated for large-scale public artworks, inviting artists to transform high-visibility public sites into dynamic art spaces; $15,000 to $25,000 for artists to propose permanent public artworks, with the vision of adding a new landmark to Grand Rapids’ already rich cultural landscape; a “Hero” project involving a flexible grant designed to support projects that defy traditional categorization, welcoming innovative and imaginative proposals that promise to be standout attractions; a venue exhibition grant aimed at ArtPrize venues offering financial support for curating dynamic exhibitions (can be used for anything from artist registration fees to installation costs); an artist seed grant to  help emerging artists from around the world bring their visions to life, ensuring a diverse and engaging exhibition.

Additionally, a Motu Viget grant sponsored by John Ball Zoo focuses on supporting the local artistic talent in Grand Rapids, this grant highlights ArtPrize’s commitment to its community and a sculpture grant sponsored by Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park seeks outstanding sculptural works for exhibition during ArtPrize. This grant offers financial assistance to help cover the costs of logistics, installation, and presentation.

For more information on how to participate, grant opportunities, and the transformative experiences awaiting at ArtPrize 2024, please visit ArtPrize’s official website.

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