GRAM exhibiting ‘Maya Lin: Flow’

Blue Lake Pass by Maya Lin

New artwork by the woman who designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is being featured at the Grand Rapids Art Museum.

The exhibition “Maya Lin: Flow” will be at the GRAM this Saturday through September.

The exhibition was organized by GRAM in collaboration with Maya Lin Studio.

“The Grand Rapids Art Museum is thrilled to present the work of acclaimed artist Maya Lin this summer,” said Dana Friis-Hansen, director and CEO, GRAM.

“Lin’s commitment to environmentalism and the creation of stirring public spaces — including ‘Ecliptic’ in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids — supports the museum’s initiative of raising awareness about sustainability and connecting people through art, creativity and design.”

The exhibition will feature two new sculptures that focus on bodies of water in the Midwest and the natural environment.

One of the sculptures is “Pin River – Grand River Watershed”  (2019). It is an installation made of steel pins embedded directly into a wall that forms a sparkling 15-foot-long outline of the Grand River Watershed.

The other sculpture is “The Traces Left Behind (From the Great Bear Lake to the Great Lakes)” (2019). It is a shimmering wall relief cast from recycled silver.

“A lot of my work has been about mapping the natural world and revealing aspects of the environment that you may not be aware of,” Lin said.

“The two new works created for this show follow that interest of mine: One traces the complex watershed of the Grand River. The other takes a very recognizable mapping of the Great Lakes but adds the series of large lakes formed during the last ice age — creating a constellation-like flow of water that drifts along an invisible boundary line, where the glaciers carved out these bodies of water when they retreated.”

Photo: “Blue Lake Pass” by Maya Lin. Courtesy GRAM.

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