From Ho-Hum to Home Run

Ho Hum - Dining Room

Home — it tells a story of who we are. It’s more than the walls, rooms, and decor — it’s where we come from, where we grow up or grow old, where we raise children and welcome them back. The place we call ‘home’ reflects us, and when something doesn’t seem right, you notice.

Perhaps there’s a room that isn’t as useful as you’d like it be. Or your family structure is changing — expanding or shrinking — and your home doesn’t ‘fit’ quite like it used to. Finding a new place to call home isn’t always an option, and when that’s the case, calling the team at Celebrity Builders is a smart first step.

In addition to being an area top choice for new construction, the Grand Rapids-based company has been guiding home remodeling journeys since 2003.

Owned by longtime friends turned business partners, Troy DeHoop and Rob Vis, Celebrity Builders offers high-quality custom remodeling services that are the perfect solution for homeowners who love their home but want it to better reflect who they are.

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With the same emphasis on detail, craftsmanship, and customer care that they bring to new build projects, they have helped families all over West Michigan transform homes to fit new or changing needs. Whether it’s a long-loved home in need of an update or a new purchase that is almost perfect, DeHoop and Vis’ team has earned a reputation for excellence and quality that is second to none.

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Location, Location, Location

Remodeling is a perfect option for homeowners who have the location of their dreams, but not the house. “Many people love where they live. They’ve formed relationships and established roots in their ideal location, but they don’t love their house anymore,” said DeHoop.

From simple updates that reflect new trends and technologies to more complex changes in layout, the team at Celebrity Builders works hard to find inventive ways to transform existing homes into places that are liveable and lovable. Sometimes that means helping homeowners figure out what’s ‘not quite right.’

“We understand that sometimes homeowners don’t know exactly what they want, all they know is the home isn’t working for them anymore. We bring innovative ideas to the table along with decades of experience and knowledge of the industry. We find creative solutions to problems that clients may not have thought of.”
— Rob Vis

Whether it’s changes in family size or lifestyle, DeHoop and Vis excel at working with homeowners to determine which changes will deliver the best results. Their wealth of experience include full-scale custom remodels for homes all over West Michigan, working closely with families to determine what their needs are and how to most effectively meet those needs.

Given the area’s competitive housing market, remodeling is also a good solution for homebuyers who have found the perfect location but desire a home that better reflects their style and needs. “We’re available to accompany homebuyers on walk-throughs and help them envision how a less-than-desirable property in a location they desire might be transformed into a home they love,” said DeHoop.

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Customization: Accepting the Challenge

This ability to customize a home to fit individual needs and tastes is a main reason so many choose to remodel, but it presents its own unique challenges. “Remodeling isn’t easy, but the challenge is fun. We like it,” said Vis.

First, there’s the fact that many homeowners choose to live in the residence during the remodel — something Celebrity Builders doesn’t take lightly.

“Relationships get a lot more intimate during a remodel. Working in a client’s personal space is a big deal and we go to great lengths to protect the home and ensure their comfort.”
— Rob Vis

To assure privacy and protect the areas of the home not being remodeled, the team spends entire days of the project building temporary walls and installing preventative measures. “We do everything we can to protect the unaffected spaces,” said Vis.

There’s also the challenge of turning ideas into practical and safe realities. “Often a remodel requires structural changes,” said DeHoop. “And that’s where our experience in building really becomes important.” Vis and DeHoop recognize the intricacies of constructing and restructuring homes, and rely on their expertise — and the expertise of their contractors and suppliers — to ensure the highest degree of quality.

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“We’ve been in the industry for so long and have seen a lot, which has really helped broaden our ideas on how to solve particular problems,” said DeHoop.

The company has also built a time-honored, professional team of contractors and industry experts who understand the importance of privacy, efficiency, and trust. ”We only hire contractors and suppliers that are trustworthy and established, and have a proven track record,” said Vis. “This is our team. We trust them.”

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Building Relationships

It’s this trust that serves as the foundation for everything they do. DeHoop and Vis work hard to ensure they know and trust their team, and that their clients know and trust them, too. Maximum transparency in process, budget, and decisions is integral to the way they work, and the company is rooted in its values of honesty, integrity, and quality.

From start to finish, whether it’s a new construction or remodel project, DeHoop and Vis are personally involved. The pair visit each site, talk with the homeowner, asking questions and taking pictures. “Celebrity [Builders] is really me and Rob,” said DeHoop. “We’re the guys you see on the job site throughout the entire project and we’re involved in every decision. We’re there managing our team, from getting set up on Monday morning to tidying up the site on Friday afternoon, we’re the faces you see.”

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DeHoop and Vis agree their combined backgrounds and unique skill set that have made Celebrity Builders the successful company it is today. Vis has worked in the painting, heating and cooling fields, and is the self-described “details guy” of the team. His meticulous eye and dedication are key to making sure all the details of a project are executed to the highest degree of quality.

DeHoop holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Grand Valley State University, and has worked in the construction field since the age of sixteen. He loves working with people, learning their stories, and walking them through the home building and remodeling journeys with maximum efficiency and care.

“We really are relationship-driven, and that starts with us,” said DeHoop. “We cherish all the relationships we have built and look forward creating new connections.”

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