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Stone and Brick — it’s one of the most enduring elements of home design. Known for its strength and timeless beauty, it’s no wonder that as years pass, brick remains an in-demand feature of many a dream home.

In Michigan, Belden Brick & Supply Company has been a leader in the brickwork and stone industry for over thirty years and spanning five generations. Coupling a familial passion with a commitment to quality, the company has earned a reputation for representing the finest masonry products and delivering one-on-one customer care.

The team at Belden Brick & Supply Company treats construction like fine art and works with impeccable craftsmen and the finest suppliers in the country to get the job done. The company has built a ‘rock solid reputation’ by taking a personal interest in each client’s project, offering innovative, high-quality products, and by continuing to have valued relationships with craftsmen.

“Designers are incorporating masonry on accent walls in bedrooms and home offices, in baths, entryways, and kitchens.”
— Rhonda Belden

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With three showrooms — Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Saginaw — Belden Brick & Supply Company offers homeowners the ability to see the artful possibilities of natural materials up close and in-person, which is why the showrooms at Belden are such a treasure. “We’ve been told countless times — by people who travel the nation — that our showrooms are one-of-a-kind,” said Rhonda Belden, the company’s President.

The showrooms allow the majestic qualities of the materials to come to life, giving visitors a tactile experience that enlivens the imagination and illustrates the endless possibilities that brick, stone, and rock present.

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Brick: Never Goes Out of Style

Belden’s team of professionals are self-professed ‘brick enthusiasts,’ and they have good reason. Not only is it one of the most versatile building options available, but it’s enduring, stylish, and surprisingly affordable. Because of its energy efficiency, low maintenance, and durability, it’s often a point of note for any homeowner looking for a return on their investment.

Not only is brick a solid investment, but it also provides the perfect blend of flair and function, and translates easily across architectural styles and personal tastes.

This ease of style integration coupled with its lasting value is often what draws homeowners in. “Paint can peel, wood can warp, but brick endures,” Belden said. Not only do the materials stand the test of time, but they’re more easily adaptable to shifts in trends and styles.

Long heralded as one of the best materials to build a home with, brick is now used just as often to reimagine interior spaces and bring part of the natural world in.

In modern and contemporary interior designs, brick and stone can add hints of nostalgia, industrial accents, or the perfect contrast to more dramatic interior textures and features. In more traditional home designs, they can provide new interpretations of spaces while adding a historical lens.

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Indoor Spaces

“Masonry truly is a lost art,” Belden said, especially when it comes to interiors. “When you walk into a space with a feature of brick or stone, it can make a room.”

With modern and contemporary styles continuing to reign supreme, masonry work is growing more creative and designers are finding new ways to integrate it into homes. “Designers are incorporating masonry on accent walls in bedrooms and home offices, in baths, entryways, and kitchens,” she said.

Belden said neutral colors — mostly whites and grays — are still a popular choice for anyone looking to create a ‘blank slate’ backdrop for a room or wall; however, she notes that the more traditional brown and red tones are beginning to see a resurgence. These warmer hues allow the texture of the bricks to be front and center, which can create a beautiful contrast to minimalist decor styles.

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When other interior features are the focal points, painted brick is a perfect option. It can open up a room, add an updated rustic feel, or create the perfect frame for a family fireplace. Belden Brick & Supply Company’s inventory includes a variety of different colors as well as the ability to paint the brick the perfect color to suit any home’s needs.

Belden said thin brick is another popular option. As it is a much thinner version of full face brick, it can easily enhance an interior space by adding depth and texture. It’s often used as a kitchen backsplash, on fireplace surrounds, or as accent walls, and is a popular option for those wanting to add the classic beauty of genuine brick without the added weight, mess, and cost of concrete footings.

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As lovers of natural materials, Belden Brick & Supply Company’s inventory isn’t only limited to brick. One option growing more popular is reclaimed barn wood, Belden said. “Many mid-century modern homes are installing the barn wood vertically and it looks amazing,” she said.

Since the upkeep of reclaimed wood can often be a detractor for homeowners, Belden said they offer a manufactured option that looks just like “the real deal but with zero maintenance.” For busy homeowners, that’s music to the ears.

“Masonry truly is a lost art. When you walk into a space with a feature of brick or stone, it can make a room.”
— Rhonda Belden

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Now Trending: Customized Masonry

The masonry industry has come a long way in the last few decades, and advances in technology and knowledge mean homeowners have more options than ever for incorporating nature’s art into their residences. Belden notes that large-scale brick, stone, and concrete panels are becoming popular for residential customers. Though more often seen in commercial spaces, these large pieces can create a foundational element for any room, no matter the size.

Brick and stone are also being used in new ways and with more room for customization. “We have a supplier who can provide the option to embed a graphic into the stone,” Belden described. The company also offers manufactured stone options, which present homeowners with a wide array of colors, textures, and designs.

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Homeowners can also create their own blend of stone, creating a truly one-of-a-kind design feature. “When you add masonry to a wall, it’s in essence, art,” she said.

Which is why walking through one of Belden Brick & Supply Company’s showrooms feels more like wandering through an art gallery. The sheer size of the showrooms lends itself to the boundless options when it comes to masonry for a home. From the parking lot to inside the showroom, there are samples of products displayed in functional ways to offer the best idea of how they can be artfully incorporated into a home.

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Whether it’s a new stone entryway or a one-of-a-kind backsplash, the showrooms provide the best opportunity to imagine the possibilities and create a home that’s truly a work of art. Reimagining thoughts on interior spaces begins at Belden Brick & Supply Company.

Photography courtesy Belden Brick & Supply Company.