Beauty Spot: Fox Naturals Skincare

Fox Naturals / Photo credit: Leigh Ann Cobb Photography

With a new store in the bustling Wealthy St. area, Patrick Stoffel, owner and maker of Fox Naturals Skincare, answers our beauty questions and shares a powder room must-have: a mini fridge.

Tell us about your health and beauty business.

We mainly focus on naturally derived skincare and body care. We carry products where any person can walk in—no matter what level of products you use—and find what’s right for you.

How are your products made?

All products are Leaping Bunny certified and will never be tested on animals. We try and use as much organic content where possible. Our shampoos, conditioners, face care, and lotions are lab tested and approved, maintaining stable pH levels, preventing microbial bacteria and mold and ensuring even consistency.

Fox Naturals / Photo credit: Leigh Ann Cobb Photography
Fox Naturals / Photo credit: Leigh Ann Cobb Photography

Where did this business idea come from?

I decided to start making soap. I got recipes from my grandma and I thought, I can do this. I can make this. I went to some craft fairs and thought to make it a business.

Where does the inspiration come from for these products?

We pull a lot from traditional herbalism. We try and pull as much from nature as possible. We’re going back to the basics with this. For example, the color of Blue Tansy flower is a rich blue—we don’t add color to it, that’s the natural oils from the flower. On the other hand, we keep up with trends. I’m guilty of stalking thirty different Korean beauty bloggers.

Did your success with pop-up shops spur you on to a physical, storefront?

Pop-ups have been very good to us. I’ve worked with great vendors and artists. I partnered with DJ AB—he’s my neighbor. He tried my products when I was just doing it for fun. At our first pop-up together, I sold out of everything in stock. Since then, I’ve grown a following and the space to expand is great because my mind is an endless supply of recipes.

You have so many products. What are some more popular ones?

We have a lot of seasonally-derived skincare, so we look at what kind of skin you have and the season. Charcoal and lavender are big sellers. We went through 500 units of rose gold serum. We use 24-karat gold in it and it’s the top viewed item. Who hasn’t searched for something rose gold in the last few months whether in décor or anything!?

Anything new and exciting coming up?

We’re expanding our hair care line. We already offer shampoo and conditioners, but I’ve created a simple but effective hair mask that’s perfect for people who love to be outdoors during the summer and a sea salt spray.

Will you be selling any beauty accessories at the store besides your own products?

Yes, we’ll have natural fiber sponges and loofahs and we have a cool supplier for organic, cotton towels that aren’t abrasive on your skin. We’ll carry natural fiber fan brushes for makeup and mask use.

Fox Naturals / Photo credit: Leigh Ann Cobb Photography
Fox Naturals / Photo credit: Leigh Ann Cobb Photography

How does Fox Naturals fit into popular self-care initiatives?

We are bridging the gap between what you can find clinically and what you can find naturally. There’s a big gap in that area. It’s clinical strength skincare that’s still natural and organic.

If you could use only one Fox Naturals product for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Bergamot grapefruit facewash. It’s skin brightening and works for combination skin. It’s always in my shower and wakes you up in the morning.

Also, what’s up with toner? I’ve been buying it since I was a teen and still don’t know its benefits. I feel we could all use a refresher course.

Toners are an important step in your skincare routine. Toner brings nutrients back into your skin after you wash. We pack ours full of aloe. Here’s a tip: Keep your toner in the fridge. Putting it on cold makes your pores close. It’s like when you splash cold water on your face. It tightens things up for a nice finish.

What’s the joy in making beauty products?

It feels like a dream come true. I remember having my first customer feedback from a girl suffering from bad acne. She was vegan and wanted something gentle; ours was the first natural product she found that worked. I felt I’d changed someone’s outlook on what natural products can do.

Fox Naturals can be found at 619 Wealthy St. SE, at, and on Instagram, @fox_naturals.



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