Vintage Finds: Bethany’s Offers More Than a New Outfit

Bethany's is a thrift store with a mission.

Part of the fun of my vintage conquests always involves the hunt. There are so many treasures to find along the way. I always mix my vintage with a touch of modern or vice versa, so on this next venture I will take you to a place that has a little bit of everything – old and new.

Bethany’s, 2820 29th St SE, is a local thrift store that is similar to Goodwill or Salvation Army in that it operates off of its donation center. All proceeds go directly to nonprofit Bethany Christian Services, which offers adoption, foster care and refugee services locally.

The overall ambiance of the store has a touch of home and feels a bit more like a boutique. It carries a wide range of used and like-new furniture, clothing and housewares as well as everything in between. Bethany’s carries a lot of great brands like J. Crew, Express, BCBG and Calvin Klein.

We are getting close to wrapping up another decade, which means even the ‘90s are becoming vintage. I am a lover of all things vintage, including ‘80s and 90s fashion, which is often more readily available in these types of thrift stores.

While not primarily a vintage store, Bethany's does offer surprising finds from earlier eras.
While not primarily a vintage store, Bethany’s does offer surprising finds from earlier eras.

While not primarily a source for vintage, Bethany’s often carries a few vintage gems here and there. I was able to find a small section of embroidered/beaded vintage clutches that appeared to be from the ‘50s and ‘60s era for $20, which is very reasonable for that selection of vintage.

I was told that Bethany’s gets a few high quality vintage items in occasionally, so it will definitely be a place to add to my rotation for some true vintage.

One thing that stood out most to me, while visiting Bethany’s, was its plus-size clothing section, which I was told sells out very quickly. Sizing for women’s clothing spans sizes 2 to 20+ at the store.

Fashion Finds

For fall and winter, I’m always obsessed with prints such as flannel and hound’s-tooth and I always enjoy a wide variety of color to spice up neutrals.  I am also a huge fan of sleek coats, such as trench coats. Trench coats are a perfect way to polish up any look.

Stock up on trench coats for fall.
Stock up on trench coats for fall.

The two trench coats I found were from London Fog (size 8) and Fleet Street (size 12), and were in like-new condition, prices ranged from $7.99 to $14.99. Khaki is always a safe color for jackets, but if you’re feeling bold spring for something like the robin egg blue.

My favorite look I found would definitely have to be the flannel skirt (size 10) and the gorgeous mustard yellow one-size-fits-all shawl. The shawl was such a unique find and definitely a statement piece. These two items together can be purchased for $10! You can get a stylish look without having to spend a lot of money, while directly donating to a great cause.

Bethany's offers unique finds like this yellow shawl and flannel skirt.
Bethany’s offers unique finds like this yellow shawl and flannel skirt.

I highly recommend a visit to Bethany’s if you are looking for a wide range of quality apparel for affordable pricing. Don’t forget to bring in any donations with you to help support Bethany Christian Services while you shop!

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