Restaurant Celebrates 50 Years of Flipping Burgers, Offers 50% Off Deals

Mr. Burger has been cooking up burgers for 50 years.

A Grand Rapids restaurant is celebrating 50 years of flipping burgers with several 50 percent off deals.

The first Mr. Burger opened in 1967 on Lake Michigan Drive. Its owners, husband and wife team Peter and Maria Christopoulos, had immigrated to the United States from Greece just 10 years prior. After a decade of hard work, the couple saved enough to open the business they’d dreamed about.

Peter & Maria Christopoulos opened their first Mr. Burger in 1967.
Peter & Maria Christopoulos opened their first Mr. Burger in 1967.

Over the years, the Christopoulos’ grew their business, opening five more Mr. Burger locations, as well as opening The Filling Station on Alpine Avenue.

As its name suggests, Mr. Burger is focused on making great tasting burgers, and over the years, it has continued to impress customers with its burger options.

“Our beef is ground fresh locally and served fresh. It is not frozen or even vacuum packed,” explained James Christopoulos, the couple’s son.

The restaurant also has remained committed to affordability.

“Hamburgers and hot dogs were both more affordable to most restaurant customers and more affordable to Peter and Maria in terms of purchasing a restaurant,” James Christopoulos said. “They could not afford to buy a high-end steakhouse. They were very happy to have the opportunity to start their own business and serve quality food at fair prices.”

Mr. Burger’s menu was focused on hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries and shakes, later evolving to include soups, sandwiches, breakfast and desserts.

The restaurant has stayed relatively unchanged over the years. One big change, however, was the addition of a drive-thru window. “We opened Mr. Burger number two with a drive-thru, and it became so popular we incorporated them into the other restaurants,” James Christopoulos said.

Though Mr. Burger's menu has expanded, the restaurant still focuses on hamburgers and hotdogs.
Though Mr. Burger’s menu has expanded, the restaurant still focuses on hamburgers and hot dogs.

As they celebrate Mr. Burger’s 50th anniversary, both Peter and Maria Christopoulos still are involved with the company.

“They have passed the responsibility of the day-to-day operations, but they are available whenever needed. They are always involved in major decisions, as is the rest of the family,” james Christopoulos said. “They visit the stores as much as possible to interact with their customers and employees, which makes Mr. Burger a pleasant place to enjoy a meal and work.”

James Christopoulos expressed thanks to the Grand Rapids community and Mr. Burger’s employees on behalf of his parents.

“We are thankful to the Grand Rapids community that has enabled us to serve them for so many years,” he said. “We would like to thank our many long-term employees and long-term customers, as well as our newer employees and customers. Many of them have worked with us and patronized us for decades. We have third-generation employees whose parents and grandparents worked at Mr. Burger. We are very thankful for them.”

As a thank you to its customers, Mr. Burger is offering several 50 percent off deals.

  • Tuesday, August 15, 50% off breakfast
  • Wednesday, August 16, 50% off hot dogs
  • Thursday, August 17, 50% off all of its burgers
  • All three days, 50% off of fountain drinks and coffee

Mr. Burger still operates its Lake Michigan Drive location. It also has two Wyoming locations and locations in Grand Rapids, Kentwood and Hudsonville.

*Photos courtesy of Mr. Burger