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Since 2003, Grand Rapids Magazine has been showcasing the regions premier custom home builders, architects, designers and suppliers via our Design Home program. All the while, Design Home open houses and VIP events have helped raise over $120,000 in charitable contributions to organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, DeVos Children’s Hospital, Camp Blodgett and now the American Red Cross.

For 2011, Grand Rapids Magazine teamed with designer/builder Jeffery Roberts to present a fabulous redesign of a Reeds Lake home which he fashioned into an authentic French farmhouse. The following pages give insight and witness to the imaginative artistry that defines Jeffery.



Supportive artisans, craftsman, vendors and suppliers that make Redesigning Home possible are:

Jeffery Roberts

(616) 454-9490

Katie Karczewski

(616) 575-0119

Standale Lumber
(616) 453-8207

Gerrit’s Appliance
(616) 532-3626

EPS Security

(616) 459-0281

Infusion by Etna

(616) 245-0808

The Shade Shop

(616) 459-4693

Top of the World Granite

(616) 791-7444

Everett’s Landscape

(616) 698-8064

Overhead Door Company
of Grand Rapids
(616) 261-0300

Grand Rapids Lighting Center
(616) 949-4931

Elenbaas Millwork

(616) 791-1616

LTD Group (Painting & Specialty Finishes)

(616) 299-6563

Bridge Street Electric

(616) 458-4209

Modern Hardware
(616) 241-2655

Please look for continuing stories on Redesigning Home in Grand Rapids Magazine. The home will be open for a showcase tour in mid-September with ticket proceeds to benefit the Grand Rapids Chapter of the American Red Cross. More details are soon to come.

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