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Advertising must do more than make an impression...
It must be impressive!

Grand Rapids is West Michigan’s largest city and its most vibrant.
It teems with art, culture, universities, destination attractions and urban vibrancy.
And reflecting it all is Grand Rapids Magazine. Every issue gets readers close to the people and businesses that make Grand Rapids sing and give it a voice of its own. Art Prize; Beer City; myriad universities; world-class dining destinations; a bustling inner-city, and a creative class second to none. No single medium captures the dynamic of Grand Rapids better than Grand Rapids Magazine.

Contact any of our advertising consultants for more information.
General Sales Manager Randy Prichard
Advertising Sales Consultant Theresa Henk
Advertising Sales Consultant Kathie Manett
Advertising Sales Consultant John Olsa
Advertising Sales Consultant Emily Esteban

Grand Rapids Magazine

In addition to the monthly editorial focus and supplemental publications, each issue of Grand Rapids Magazine includes these life with style complements:

Life & Style
People, trends, books, fashion, fitness and more.

Art & Design
Artists, galleries, innovation, and architecture.

Food & Drink
Restaurants, chefs, bars, breweries and reviews.

Near & Far
Backyards, local neighborhoods and nearby cities.

Out & About
Where to go, what to do and what to expect when you get there.

Advertising in Taste This!
Grand Rapids Magazine is the leading authority on where to dine in Grand Rapids. Nothing makes that point more vivid than Taste This! — the most authoritative and appetizing guide to area restaurants and eateries.

Circulation is 20,000 with 5,000 copies inserted in the September issue of Grand Rapids Magazine. Remaining copies go to area restaurants, hotels and trade shows. Taste This! is printed on weighty, 70# satin finish four-color paper for a vibrant presentation.
Call (616) 459-4545 for 2015-16 Taste This! Rates.

2015 Editorial/Marketing Calendar
Date the issues are on newsstand: The last Tuesday before each following month.

• Grand Rapids Magazine’s Annual Best of Grand Rapids ReadersPoll plus staff picks
Advertising Space Reservation Deadline:
November 4, 2014

• Grand Rapids Magazine’s Annual Dining Awards, including Restaurant of the Year and Best New Restaurant.
• Health and fitness
Special advertising section: Wedding –
Uniquely Personal
Advertising Space Reservation Deadline:
December 9, 2014

• Residential boom
• Wildflowers and herbs
• 5th Annual Gilda’s Club LaughFest
Special Advertising Supplemental Magazine:
Home and Garden Show Program
Advertising Space Reservation Deadline: January 6

• Grand Rapids bicycle culture
• Backyard entertaining
Advertising Space Reservation Deadline: February 10

• Grand Rapids’ film scene
• Ice cream obsession
Special advertising section: Culinary Escapes
Advertising Space Reservation Deadline: March 10

• Urban living
Advertising Space Reservation Deadline: April 7

• Grand Rapids Magazine’s
Annual City Guide (18,000 copies)
Advertising Space Reservation Deadline: May 5

• Education: New-and interesting-college degree programs
• Restaurant Week
• Architectural Homes Tour
Special Advertising Section: Colleges and Universities
Special Advertising Supplemental Magazine: Taste This!
Advertising Space Reservation Deadline: June 9

• Arts preview PLUS 2015-16 schedules for
local arts organizations
• ArtPrize
Advertising Space Reservation Deadline: July 7

• Celebrate fall
• Pets
Advertising Space Reservation Deadline: August 4

•Cheese pairings with wine, beer, cider, cocktails and more
Special Advertising Supplemental Magazine: International Wine, Beer & Food Festival Program
Advertising Space Reservation Deadline: September 8

• Best Doctors
• Local artisans
Special Advertising Section: Health Care Professional Profiles*
*Advertising Space Reservation Deadline: September 6
Special Advertising Section: Gift Guide

Advertising Space Reservation Deadline: October 6

Advertising Rates PDF

2014 CVC Audit

All cover rates include color and are based on digital media with file information, fonts and proofs included, meeting our printing requirements.

All other rates are based on furnished digital media with file information, fonts and proofs included, meeting our printing requirements.

Special Positions
Regular rates plus 15%, as available. No extra charge on bleed ads (Full Page units only). Gatefolds and inserts available.
Call for prices.

Late Charge
In the event camera-ready materials or proofed materials arrive after the materials due date, a $90.00 service charge will be
incurred by the advertiser for late changes.

Mechanical Requirements
Page trim size is 8 3/8" (50 picas) wide x 10 7/8" (65 picas) deep.
For safety, keep live matter at least 5/16" from all edges.

2-Page Spread    
Standard 15 3/8" (15.375) 9 7/8" (9.875)
Bleed** 16 3/4" (16.75) 10 7/8" (10.875)
Full Page    
Standard 7 1/8" (7.125) 9 7/8" (9.875)
Bleed** 8 3/8" (8.375) 10 7/8" (10.875)
2/3 Page 4 11/16" (4.6875) 9 7/8" (9.875)
1/2 Page    
Horizontal 7 1/8" (7.125) 4 7/8" (4.875)
Vertical 4 11/16" (4.6875) 7 3/8" (7.375)
1/3 Page    
Horizontal 4 11/16" (4.6875) 4 7/8" (4.875)
Vertical 2 1/4" (2.25) 9 7/8" (9.875)
1/6 Page    
Horizontal 4 11/16" (4.6875) 2 3/8" (2.375)
Vertical 2 1/4" (2.25) 4 7/8" (4.875)

**Add 1/4" on each side for bleed allowances.

Production Specifications
Printed on 40-60 lb., covers on 60-80 lb. Printed by web offset. Perfect binding. Unless otherwise noted.

Supplying Artwork
All advertising should be provided in a digital format. The preferred format for black & white or four-color digital advertisement is hi-res Adobe Acrobat PDF file format (version 4.0 PDF 1.3 compatible). All fonts and images must be embedded. Use the PDFX1a specification to prepare your file.

All images embedded in files must be a minimum of 300 ppi (pixels per inch) or 300 dpi (dots per inch). Color images must be CMYK. Files containing RGB or LAB images will not be accepted.

Color lasers or low quality ink jet prints are not acceptable for color guidance. Advertisements supplied to Grand Rapids Magazine without an acceptable color proof will be printed to SWOP standards. The printer and/or publisher cannot be held liable for color complaints when files are submitted without an acceptable color proof.

Send digital files via email ( Must include the advertiser name, the publication name and date, and your sales representative's name.

Screen requirements
150-line for B&W and four-color, 200-line for covers. Compensate for dot gain. Image resolution should be 300 dpi.

Clients/Agencies requiring proofs must submit complete ad materials prior to proper closing date. Proofs sent to Clients/Agencies must be returned to publisher within 24 hours of receipt, with all corrections clearly noted on proof and with client signature.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Electronic File Transfer
Electronic ads can be e-mailed to the following address: Must include the advertiser name, the publication name and date, and your sales representative's name.

Other Requirements
The name and phone number of a contact person should be included on all materials in the event that we have questions.

Additional Information
Scott Sommerfeld
Design & Production Manager
Phone (616) 459-4545

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